Welcome to my secret garden

Welcome to my inner world, a secret garden, a garden of eden. A place that's not even that eden,

A place where I hide, a place where I run, a place that's not always that much fun,

Light & Dark, Shadows & Gold, Rants & Raves, and Praise to the Brave,

Courage & Pain, Anger & Rage, Love & Gratitude, Sadness & Sorrows,

Voice, Heart, Balls & mind,

A place where I become very undone!

Raw & unfitted, errors & typo's. Message still the same,

Tears may flow, Laughter may raise, Sorrow may soar, Grief may come, Anger may fly, Rage may die.

Welcome to my secret inner world, a secret garden, where the weeds are strong, the soil is rich, the air is cold, the day is young, and the night is long.

The book is empty, the purging is plenty, the healing is happening, life is unfolding.

Hidden in the tress, divinity is waiting, the heart is strong, the soul is old. A fire is burning.

Welcome to my secret inner world, a secret garden. A place to come, a place to play, a place to find whats hidden away.