Killing the King

Emotions and pain, rivers of blood,
Swords are drawn, banners are raised,
Air is fresh, morning is young,
Orders are given, lines are formed,
Fires are burning, emeries awaiting.

Lives are young, boys and men,
Farmers and friends, knights and soldiers.

The new King with his men.

Standing strong, fear within,
Looking down, for it to begin.

Families are feuding, tension is building,
Power struggles, lands are dividing,
Brothers are fighting,
Hearts are breaking, Mothers are crying,
Queens a lying, and people are dying.

Castle is tall, fortress is strong
Lines are drawn, Bloodlines contracted

Fathers and sons, part from the one,
Choices are made,
A Battle has begun,

Balls of steel and hearts of lead,
Power is striking, bones are breaking,
Life is taking, Blood is pouring,
Anger is soaring, death is waiting.

Father and son, meet where it begun,
Anger and sadness, connection and conflict,
Confusion and delusion, Love and hate,
Life giving and taking,

A moment of stillness,
Last words are shared,
Swords are drawn,
Steel is meeting,
Anger expressed,
Pain is felt, through the chest,

Heart is bleeding,
The old man is fading,
Life is passing,
The moment is slipping,
Tears are streaming,
Memories are fleeting,
Breath is slowing,
Death is nearing,
A story is ending,
A curse is breaking,
A boy is waking,
A man is standing,
A path is clearing,
Traumas are lifting,
Doubts are fading,
Conflict is leaving,
Peace returning,
Abundance is soaring,
Love is arising,
Community is forming,

Its time for a new king to being.

Photo By Aziz Acharki