Thank you

I’d really like to say a big thank you to everyone for all the birthday messages and love yesterday. I really found myself being quite overwhelmed with a rollercoaster of emotions. You see, Its almost 10 years to the day when I found myself on a very unexpected journey of spiritual awakening. At the time I felt like everything had changed and I had found the answers to all the worlds problems. Then it felt easy, I felt very confident and self assured. It felt as if I had finally arrived home to myself. Little did I know that I was actually stepping onto a path that would be far harder and more challenging than anything I have ever known. I have since found myself falling into just about everything spiritual/egoic trap you can think of and have played out some of the worse patterns you can think of. All coming from deep traumatic wounding I wasn’t even aware.

After a string of failed relationships and finding myself at a point in life where I could no longer remember the point of it all, I then fall into a very dark place within. A place that I am still only just coming out of. In someways lucky for my stubborn Taurus side I just kept meditating, no matter how dark or crazy my inner world became. I just kept siting, and like all things in life everything changes. Slowly I have been coming out of this dark space, this time with a far more open and soft heart, less anger and self righteous than I once was, and far more compassionate to others.

This year as a commitment to deepening my own process of enquiry and reflection I have finally taken steps to setup up this blog and share more of myself with anyone who cares to follow.

Again, a big thank you for all the love and support yesterday and over the years that have past. It really means the world to me. <3